August - 3 weeks in my 'real world'

Mum, Hill and I the day I got home

So the past 3 weeks have been dominated by 2 things…Seeing family and friends and watching the Olympics.

Firstly the Olympics…as they are not really relevant to my Gambian blog (but so far as I’m concerned, very important) I’ll just say that I think Team GB were brilliant and I can’t wait for 2012. I am aware that lots of people think I’m a bit sad getting so excited by it all but I LOVE IT. Big thank you to Mum and Dad for putting up with me wanting to watch it all the time at home and for Paul letting me stay for few days when I got back to Gambia so I could watch the rest at his house. The only reasons I’m glad they are over are that I no longer get up at silly o’clock to watch things and I can try and think and talk about something else for a change!

My flight from Gambia back home was delayed (of course!) Someone was trying to get an extra person on board so it took ages to get the numbers right. I think they actually just walked on with an extra person and tried to hide them under a seat or something!

Going home was sooo lovely. Seeing my nieces and nephews was the best bit and I got 6 months worth of cuddles so was delighted. They have all changed a wee bit but are just as gorgeous as ever. Sam almost made me cry when I said to him “Sam I’m very glad to be home to see you all” he replied by saying “Auntie Jackie, I’m so much more glader” x

Brighton Beach, not as warm as Gambia but home x

(It was brilliant also to catch up with everyone and I’m so grateful that lots of friends and family were able to get to Sussex or London to catch up with me. I have the best friends and family in the world)

It took me a few days to settle back into the pace of things at home, everything is so much faster in the UK than in Gambia and people seem to be hurrying to do everything. It was also very strange being able to totally blend in and not be noticed and shouted at in the street. I got back into the swing of drying my hair and wearing make-up each day as well as being able to buy absolutely anything I needed. At first these things felt very luxurious but after a few days I hardly noticed again…It’s amazing how quickly you adjust again! It makes you think about all the things we tend to take for granted on a daily basis…..

I hardly miss the pigeons whilst in Gambia but they do remind me of London!

Oh and the food…..I ate and drank loads. Scallops, broccoli, cheese, asparagus, brown bread, dark chocolate, sausages, good wine (I could go on, and on). So much so that my Gambian things here are a bit tight now, therefore it is a good job I bought lots of clothes back with me.

Arriving back was actually easier than I expected as this time I knew exactly what to expect. I was also coming back to friends here and a month full of parties and fun (as well as going back to work)

AT HOME PHOTOS..Richards Party

During my time at home I went to a rock and pop legends party at Richard and Kathy Hewitts. My sisters and I went as the Supremes. Just a few photos to give you a taste of the event (as so you can see how daft/wonderful I looked!)